C63B0083-2 Final copy copy
C63B0150-4 Final
IMG_3255 FFinalcopy copy 3
C63B9143 Fcopy
_MG_9856 copy1 copy
C63B3611-2 F2copy copy
34000014 Fcopy
C63B9368 Fcopy
C63B9253-2 F2copy copy
C63B9197-2 F2 bwcopy copy 2
C63B8220-3 Final Final 2copy copy 4
C63B3645-2 Fcopy
C63B9566-2 Fcopy
Bask Swim Spread 1
Bask swim 2
Bask swim 1 copy (2) copy
C63B9646 F copy
C63B3402-2 Fcopy
bask F13 Cover
page 11 and 12
page 13 and 14
page 9 and 10
page 11 and 122
IMG_9659 copy
bask Cover_W13-2
W13 Fashion Shoot3
W13 Fashion Shoot5
C63B9939 Final cropcopy copy
page 11 and 122